Oshana Region has received a total amount of N$243,797,000 from the central government as funds to be used to implement 61 developmental projects during the next 12 months.

Some of the projects which have been catered for include the N$10,4 million for the President’s “state security infrastructure”.

The biggest allocation of this capital budget is an amount of N$59,5 million which goes to the “upgrading and renovation of education infrastructure: covid-19 response”.

The second biggest allocation is N$22,8 million which is set aside for “construction of water supply security infrastructure”.

One allocation which is one of the highest is an allocation of N$14 million for the outspoken Okatyali Constituency councilor Mr Josef Mupetami which will be used to “construct a new piggery farm at Okatyali village”.

The “upgrading and renovation of Oshakati Intermediate Hospital” receives N$15 million.

“All these resources aimed at funding our infrastructure development should be put to good use to yield the desired value for our community,” said Oshana Governor Elia Irimari at the regional consultative meeting in Oshakati.

The meeting which took place on 9 July 2020 was attended by the region’s political and administrative leadership and leaders of state institutions.

“As a regional leadership it’s upon us to provide our undivided attention and support the implementers to make sure that all these funds are fully utilized for the benefit of our communities, and no penny from this region should be returned to the treasury come the end of the financial year.

“I repeat, no penny from this region should be returned to the treasury.

“We must make sure that we implement the projects fully, faster and cautiously, and having a competent technical team to be able to carry out this work, not shoddy deals, not shoddy jobs.”

At the same meeting Ms Maria Shuumbwa who is the region’s national development advisor in the National Planning Commission said: “Of the entire total National Budget only 12 percent is allocated to the country’s developmental budget. This amount is very little. When there has not been implementation this amount gets slashed to send more funds to operations.

“When development capital is returned to treasury it is a loss to our entrepreneurs,” Shuumbwa said.

During the last financial year it was projected that Oshana would this year receive N$464,047,000 but due to the Covid-19 challenge facing the nation this year’s capital budget for the region was cut by half and now it is only N$243,797.

IN THE PHOTO: Oshana Governor Elia Irimari addressing the meeting.