I want to give up, sometimes

By Victor Angula |

Sometimes I feel like I want to give up on Namibia. I feel as if Namibia is just another failed African state. I feel so powerless and useless to the cause of Namibia.

If you look at the potential which we have wasted over the past 30 years of self-determination, it just looks as if Namibia is a lost case.

But then some days I wake up with a renewed sense of hope for my motherland; hope that somehow in some way I can still do something worthwhile to help make Namibia move in a different direction, a direction towards a better future.

I believe that Namibia’s potential is limitless. I have faith that so much can be done anyway despite our shortcomings.

And this is true.

Currently there is so much that is broken. The Namibian society is made up of a system that is broken. Sometimes I get to think that the system is broken beyond repair.

The institutions which make up this society, be they political institutions, economic institutions, social institutions or legal institutions, are corrupt beyond measure and broken beyond repair.

So much so that only a revolution may be able to save our future and the future of the next generation.

But it’s true that so much can be done through the determined efforts of our people. The people who are genuinely interested in the progress of Namibia, if they don’t give up, they can go a long way in dragging Namibia to the right path.

We must not give up. We must keep on pushing and pulling.

Just yesterday I listened to musician Elemotho on Eagle FM. He was speaking as if something can be done about Namibia. Although some years ago he recorded a song with the title that “The System is a Joke” and the message of the song is still relevant today, he still speaks as if it’s possible to do something about the system.

And I believe him. So much more can be done nevertheless.