Have your responsibilities

By Josefina “Ndeshi” Gabriel |

We have a lot to learn and to do in life all the way from our childhood; and as we get older and older we keep on learning things, some might be old while some are new things.

Learning never gets old or ever ends. And here I want to talk about learning things in life which might be through school, church, home, neighborhood, friends, relatives or your partner. We learn different things to do in life from everyone so that we may be able to take up our responsibilities in a responsible manner.

And all the things we have learned it’s because someone took up his or her responsibility of teaching others.

How to teach and be responsible for people around us?

You need to teach small children on how to respect elders, how to work, how to eat, how to speak with respect, how to stay with other children, how to behave at school, teach how dangerous some things are.

Teenagers have to be taught about life, how to handle it, how to be a good person in future, how to respect themselves, to study hard and work hard, how to save money, and stay positive.

Youth have to know how to change their ways from bad to good, to be motivated in life even if you failed in school to push hard for your family and provide them with food, fight for them and be on their side.

Elders have to control the house and make sure everything is in order, and all people are obeying. Teach your family to go to church, obey and fear God, teach them how to pray, teach them to work hard if they want money. Do not let your people to just do what they want.

Everyone has to lead by example so before you teach try to correct your mistake, or do what people want to avoid mistrust from them.

Everyone has a responsibility. Stop ignoring your responsibilities and the real things that matter and support bad and evil ways in order to impress people.