We mustn’t laugh at them

By Josefina Ndeshi Gabriel /

You can only understand something better if you can consider things by comparing the past and the present situation of those things. Likewise with people.

The way you were in the past, the level at where you were, the situation or status of your life – and where you are now, or how you are and what you have at present; if you can compare your past and your present, then you can understand better the position or situation of other people.

All people can move from one stage to the other. You can’t be like someone else at this stage of your life because that is you. You have moved to this stage already.

And that’s why life always gives you different pictures about you because all is well and nice before God with that uniqueness which you are.

People only need the help of others as much as they need to help themselves to move to a better position. There are people who need help due to some reasons and conditions and it’s a shame nobody wants to offer anything to them but all they do is laugh.

Why the world becomes so heatless and careless toward each other?

Instead of offering a helping hand you turn it into hatred and mocking. People are dying physically, mentally and emotionally because they are being ignored and the solution you can give is to laugh at them?

Are you supposed to laugh at people who are in pain, in need, or in suffering?

Is that what you came to do on earth?

Do you have to celebrate their suffering and pain?

There is no more a difference between Christians and anti-Christ people; you are doing all the same tricks, playing same games and pretending to be a good person. It’s a very bad thing that even Christians get influenced by those who are not good and do bad things without consciousness instead of be a Christian to help and give a good example.

Turning away from doing evil can heal everyone including you yourself but now self-love and I-don’t-care attitude have come over you and play a big role in you.

What example do we have for our generation?

If we are good people then we must not laugh at other people, because goodness and truth can set the nation free and heal everyone emotionally, physically and even financially.