There are things money can’t buy

By Josefina Ndeshi Gabriel |

There are so many things that are normal, important and useful to have in everyday living.

But the good thing is that a lot more of those things which are important and useful to have are given free of charge by the one who created everything. This is how fair and just God is. This means that you can have these things without money or you can have money but still you may lack all of these things.

Money can’t buy things like: time, inner peace, integrity, love, character, manners, respect, morals, trust, patience, common sense and dignity. So you can have all these mentioned above without money, or you can still have less of them even if you have lots of money.

That is why someone can try to exchange these things with money but still fails to have them. For example, how much time can you buy with money?

So, what you have today (time, inner peace, integrity, love, character, manners, etc.,) is unique and automatically pure from nature. Don’t destroy what you have now, and don’t try to replace it with money because you can’t have the best of it by having more money but it’s natural and there for you as a gift.

Use it wisely too, because if you waste it you can’t buy it back.

It takes time and knowledge for an individual to understand that money can cause different dangers to an individual’s life. The harmony and peace that was created in an individual’s inner life can change in a blink of an eye as time processing in your mind will focus on money and not on other things surrounding you.

This can cause many side-effects of greed and corrupted morals as you can only think about money and more money and nothing else. Without harmony and peace in an individual’s life money will be meaningless.

Knowing where you stand is important as you need to be self-aware and vigilant of your aims. You should use all your understanding and common sense when dealing with money as money can easily damage, destroy and try to replace what it can’t buy.

Money cannot be only a playing-with material but it’s used for important things in a person’s daily life. That’s why you might have more happiness when you have money because you need all that to make you happy since most things can be had with money.

But your mind should be smart when dealing with money as it’s the key for understanding the difference between the advantage and disadvantage of money.

Use your power and have dignity when handling money, because money cannot buy everything whether physical, mental or spiritual.