By Victor Angula |

Gazza’s latest album is one mysterious project that defies logical labelling.

While the album’s title is “Messiah” which is a word that means “Christ” who is Jesus of Nazareth, so that it’s the second coming of the Messiah which Christians are all waiting for, and appropriately the front cover of the album displays the image of Gazza decked in an all-white outfit, meanwhile on the back cover is featured an image of Gazza depicted as a man in a black outfit, with a black hood partly covering his face, and carrying a stick.

While the Christian Messiah will be seen coming in the clouds and dressed in white garments and surrounded by sunlight, the other side of Gazza’s messiah is seen prowling in the darkness looking for someone or something to attack.

The double-face depiction of Gazza as the messiah (hero of the light) and the other messiah (hero of the darkness) may be an artistic expression with no hidden meaning whatsoever in spite of the current times which are said to be driven by forces of the underworld portraying themselves as the saviours of the human race.

But in relation with the album, Gazza himself states:

“It reminded me that I’m of a great people and so too are the people of this great nation, we all stand on the shoulders of giants, on the people who never wavered, and who fought gallantly. This album is all me, and all I want for my people, all of you I want us to show bravery, to protect one another, I want good vibes and I want us all to laugh.

“The Messiah hopes you do just that while jamming to the album. African music continues to make inroads across the world, and I hope to take this one to every corner possibly. We have learned with this pandemic that all of us, everyone around the world, have way more in common than that which sets us apart.

“I think the world needs good music right now, and I hope this album is a contribution to that. This time I won’t say thank you for this or that. Instead, I want to tell you everything that is happening around us right now, is a reminder, that we have to be kinder to one another.”

In the photo: Gazza’s latest music album.