A website catering to the needs of Namibian entrepreneurs was launched in Windhoek on 25 March at a local hotel.

The website promises to be a one stop site for information related to all the needs of entrepreneurs in Namibia and in the diaspora.

While the launch event was attended by a small group, the audience was lively and excited about the website.

The 2-hour long event featured speeches from the founder of Mibagu.com Mrs. Roseline Tosun and a fellow entrepreneur Ms. Diana Namases who owns the Sage by Dee brand.

The Mibagu platform was created to be an online networking place for entrepreneurs. It also connects entrepreneurs to investors, as well as being an information portal for entrepreneurs, and a market place for local farmers.

At the launch a presentation was made to show how the website functions and how it varies from other social media sites.

The website features are such as that it has a main feed or stream where information meant for entrepreneurs is posted. This can be anything from the regulatory infrastructural changes regarding businesses, investment opportunities, business ideas for new entrepreneurs as well as general information which will help entrepreneurs make a success of their businesses.

The site also has unique features, such as that it can display different signal lights which show the preferences of the members registered to the site. Red means the member does not want to interact with the other members on the website, orange means the member is willing to be contacted only for topics regarding business, and green which signals that the member may be contacted for anything.

The website also has a member review system where members can share their experiences with fellow members, so that reviews of those members who engage in malicious interaction may be removed.

The website also features a farmers’ market where farmers can sell their produce and connect with other farmers.

The two concerns raised by the members in the audience was about how the website would deal with scammers and fraudsters and whether it has an easy or complicated registration process.

The response was that the website has a quick registration alternative for the members who need it, and that Mibagu will remove detected scammers from the website and work together with law enforcement to ensure that users have a safe experience on the website.

“The evening was concluded with reception and networking at 19:45. Mibagu will continue to evolve to ensure that the entrepreneurs have a platform they can depend on and are open to suggestions for improvement,” says Tosun.

In the photo: On the left is Ms Diana Namases with Mrs Roseline Tosun at the launch of Mibagu.