The deputy minister of Agriculture, Water, and Land Reform Ms Anna Shiweda today officially opened the Ohangwena Agricultural Food Conference-Expo.

The expo taking place under the theme “igniting Ohangwena food basket” brings together producers, consumers and stakeholders to showcase products, share information and strategise on how Namibia in general and Ohangwena region in particular can become a net producer of food and bring about food self-sustenance.

“The participatory and consultative approach that is being promoted at this event is fundamental to the development of sectors that I represent,” Shiweda said in her keynote address. “I am therefore delighted to participate and be part of this gathering today.

“The contribution of small scale farmers to global food production and food security cannot be over-emphasised. According to Competent International Institute 80% of food in the world in value terms is produced by small scale families at their homes and farms, and women are key to the success of those farms.

“However despite their roles and contribution to farming, small scale farmers in particular female producers encounter a lot of challenges, ranging from their limited access to technology, inputs and credit, and most importantly access to land.”

Shiweda further stated that the Ohangwena Conference-Expo will be addressing some of the issues faced by small scale farmers by bringing the farmers, consumers and experts in the agricultural sectors to share experiences, knowledge and information about the best ways to go in the future.

Shiweda was accompanied at the expo by the Minister of Information Communication and Technology Mr Peya Mushelenga and the Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety and Security Ms Daniel Kashikola.

The expo started from 10 August and will end on 13 August 2022.

In the photo: Deputy Minister Anna Shiweda addressing the people gathered at the official opening of the Ohangwena Agri-Food Confex.