Nearly two months after the launch of the biometric project, the GIPF has announced that the biometric enrolment team will be visiting the Kavango East and Zambezi regions in an effort to enrol more pensioners, children as well as members’ spouses.

“To ensure that the GIPF renders its state-of-the-art services to its members, the Fund’s mobile truck, passionately known as ‘Pension on Wheels’ will be going around the Kavango East region as from the 10th to the 19th October and thereafter the teams will be in the Zambezi region from the 20th to the 26th October 2022,” said Mr Amos Kambonde, GIPF’s manager for marketing services.

“In addition to the two roadshows, the Fund is further pleased to announce that it will host a first of its kind ‘Member Engagement Forum’ in the town of Katima Mulilo on the 27th and 28th October 2022, to which all members are invited.”

These functions will allow GIPF members to engage stakeholders such as NAMRA, PSEMAS and GIPPF’s regulator which is NAMFISA on issues of taxes, medical aid and others.

The Fund will also be providing pension and financial literacy as a means of preparing members for retirement.

Apart from the biometric enrolment that is earmarked for this visit to the two regions, GIPF will also be offering services such as printing of benefit and income statements.

“Client service consultants on duty will also be attending to queries regarding claims, outstanding admissions, tracing of beneficiaries, and the provision of retirement advice and many other services.

“The GIPF is encouraging all its pensioners, children and spouses who receive a monthly income from GIPF, and who have not re-enrolled this year, to make sure that they are enrolled,” stated Kambonde.

Kambonde pointed out that the biometric enrolment is not only restricted to the mobile team, but members are also encouraged to visit the GIPF offices countrywide with the exception of Grootfontein, Nkurenkuru and Opuwo satellite offices.

“We are therefore encouraging all GIPF members to come and be briefed on their rights and responsibilities and to find out what they are entitled to.”

In the photo: GIPF’s ‘pension on wheels’ doing the rounds in Kavango East.