I’m willing and able to further NAMDIA’s mandate

By Alisa Amupolo /

I am enthused to be entrusted with the responsibility of leading NAMDIA in its exciting new phase of business refinement and expanding horizons.

I am honoured to become a NAMDIAN and to join a family of unique gems who are committed to fulfilling our promise through every diamond.

It is truly a privilege to be associated with the diamond industry, the vanguard of our economy, and that which will continue to serve as a catalyst for economic and social development through beneficiation.

I feel confident that I am willing and able to further NAMDIA’s mandate of Namibia diamonds price discovery, under the tutelage of the Board.

Further, I would like to assure our stakeholders including fellow NAMDIANS that I understand the scale and gravity of the role and intend to meet my responsibility with utmost dedication and superior governance.

The journey that lies ahead is surely exciting in continuing the work started by the erstwhile CEO, whose contribution has built a formidable brand that NAMDIA is renowned for today.

I will strive to partner with unique and distinctive collection of industry capability that NAMDIA boasts; to drive growth and optimize the business model under superior corporate governance and sustainability.

Looking back, Namib Desert Diamonds (NAMDIA) has once again proven its resilience in the face of adversity. Whilst many industries still battle the after effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to steadily navigate our way through the storm and deliver on our mandate.

As we embark on the next 5 years and chart the future, we are looking forward to partnering with a unique and distinctive collection of industry capability that NAMDIA boasts and leveraging on the global reservoir of knowledge through smart partnerships.

Therefore, in the new phase of transformation that we are embarking on, key consideration will particularly be given to: expanding the horizon in fulfilling our mandate of price discovery, modifying and differentiating demand for Namibian diamonds and engaging the global and domestic markets to strengthen market share.

We will harness every opportunity, strengthen existing bonds, cement new alliances and foster new partnerships which will enable us to compete in the global and domestic market, to increase market share and create value for all Namibians.

NAMDIA’s price discovery mandate is not only rough diamond specific and our maiden smart partnerships with one of our sight holders has heralded Eumbo Star which creates meaningful synergies and maximizes the value of this exceptional stone.

We are confident that this is the first of many future collaborations as we catapult our model towards value addition through distribution channel partnerships. Through these agreements, NAMDIA will establish its global brand identity and bring us ever closer to discovering the true value of Namibia’s diamonds in the global diamond value chain.

Namibia is one of the most privileged nations in the world with an abundance of natural resources and our highly sought after diamonds and its alluvial beauty is no exception.

By leveraging on the intrinsic value of our resources, Namibia has the capabilities to become a globally recognized player on the world stage and set the gold standard in ethically and sustainably sourced diamonds.

It is our responsibility to ensure that every Namibian benefits from our economy’s stalwart and as custodians of these precious gems, NAMDIA is resolute in its pursuit for an inclusive and prosperous social and economic ecosystem that reaps the benefits of our industry’s diligence.

NAMDIA has proven that it’s possible to fetch a premium for our quality diamonds.

Our price discovery mechanism has also revealed that there is still a lot to be accomplished and we have a long journey ahead of us, as we explore the value chain to unlock the true brilliance and worth of our diamonds.

This undertaking is truly patriotic and one that every single Namibian should be proud of. The seeds that we are sowing today, will be reaped by generations to come and establish a legacy that will continue to produce exceptional returns for our nation.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our clients who have once again reiterated their loyalty to our brand and product; even during global uncertainty. We might have one of the best diamonds in the world, but if there are no sight holders to sell them to, we would not survive nor be sustainable.

I wish to congratulate my fellow NAMDIANS for yet another prosperous and impactful year. Your hard work and commitment in our quest to create a Namibian footprint in the global diamond value chain and establishing the best value for our diamonds is truly inspirational and I am humbled to be part of this great team.

As an incurable romantic, I am really proud to be granted this opportunity to be at the helm of NAMDIA and position Namibian diamonds and their alluvial beauty to shape celebrations of love the world over, as diamonds symbolize love and commitment and for Namibians it symbolises our sense of pride and the unique beauty of our nation.

– Ms Alisa Amupolo is the Chief Executive Officer of NAMDIA. This was her maiden speech, delivered on 24 October 2022 at the occasion to release the company’s Annual Report of 2021/22. Present at the occasion included Deputy Minister of Finance Mrs Maureen Hinda-Mbuende, CEO of the Namibia Chamber of Mines Mr. Veston Malango, NAMDIA Board of Directors Chairperson Mr. Bryan Eiseb, Chief Inspector Nicodemus Amporo of the Protected Resources Unit in the Namibian Police, and many others.