The first edition of Amunganda Festival (Amunganda Vol. 1) will take place at Amunganda village, just a few kilometres to Eheke settlement, in Oshana Region, from 28 December 2022 to 1 January 2023.

The event is aimed at giving opportunities to small businesses and bringing festive season entertainment to rural areas. This year’s theme is “Boosting community development”.

The 4-day event will consist of the following: Business stalls, Football (soccer tournament, legend penalty shootout), and Fun games (pool table competition, playing cards, etc.).

The business stalls are available to local business owners from nearby villages whereby they can sell food and drinks; this will be a good opportunity to generate income.

On the entertainment side, the public should expect DJ SEBBY, our so lovely D-Kandjafa, LOCOSOUNDS, Nilton, Oom’chax, Crazy-z1 Namibia, KC M’jita, and local artists.

For soccer, N$8 000 is up for grabs with a registration fee of N$750; penalty shooting, N$2 000 is up for grabs with a registration of N$250; Pool table competition, N$1 800 is up for grabs with a registration of N$100.

The business stall application fee is N$250.

In addition, we will award free 6 stalls to local middle and old-age groups (45 years and above), they will strictly be required to promote and sell their unique traditional products.

Lastly, so much effort has been put in to organise the event and we wholeheartedly expect you to be there.

For more information contact Mr. Sandro Itana at 0812444074. And you can as well catch us on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and WhatsApp as we escape the city.