A northern-based journalist attached to an online media house has taken the initiative to help poor families by providing uniforms to children who would otherwise be forced to go to school in tattered clothes.

Maria David, a journalist for Informante, last Friday donated a full school uniform set to an eight-year old Grade 2 learner at Onaushe Combined School in Uuvudhiya Constituency of Oshana Region, some 80 km from Oshakati.

The donation consists of a trousers, a shirt, jersey, socks, and shoes.

“My donation comes after I visited the school last year and I was moved by the condition of some learners, and I made it a mission to help,” David says.

“This one learner is among the 54 learners from Oshana for whom I have decided to find help. The target is to help 300 learners across Oshana by the end of this year,” she states.

David started the Happy Feet Initiative to assist the underprivileged learners in the society. Through this initiative the donations to the learners will be made possible by various generous donors and through fundraising activities.

“Being a journalist, we come across many situations in our society and challenges that need solutions, it’s not always about being behind the pen and notebook and telling the story, but it’s also about seeing the need to make an impact in our society.”

Onaushe’s principal Mr Gebhard Amunyela says that a few percentages of the learners at the school are from the marginalised community. “Some of the parents cannot afford anything, I mean anything not even a pen.

“So we need more people to come and support our learners at Onaushe Combined School.”

In the photo: Onaushe’s principal Mr Gebhard Amunyela receiving the uniform from Maria David.