The Swapo Party Elders Council (SPEC) says that the Supreme Court’s judgement on the recognition of same sex marriages came as a shock and surprise to the people of Namibia and particularly the Swapo Party Elders’ Council.

In a statement signed by its secretary Mr Mukwaita Shanyengana the ruling party’s elders’ council says that it respects the constitutional fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals, as enshrined in the Constitution of Namibia, “however, it’s also a well-known fact that the fundamental freedoms are not absolute.”

According to the SPEC Article 21 (2) of the Constitution stipulates that such fundamental rights and freedoms are subject to the laws of Namibia and should be “exercised and enjoyed in the interests of the sovereignty and integrity of Namibia national security, public order, decency and morality”.

Last week the Supreme Court of Namibia ruled that Namibian citizens who are in same sex marriages that were entered into in other countries should be given by Government all rights and privileges which are given to married couples although in Namibia it is not allowed to marry a person of the same sex.

But according to the SPEC this ruling is wrong.

“The Supreme Court as the highest court in the country is obliged to maintain, promote and uphold the moral fibre of the Namibian society.

“The laws of Namibia do not recognise same sex relations. Therefore, the Supreme Court cannot apply the law that is in contradiction with the law of the land just to appease and comply with some foreign laws in some jurisdictions which attack the moral and judicial existence of our nation.

“We know that the LGBTQIA community exist in Namibia, and they enjoy the fundamental rights and freedoms enshrined in the Namibian Constitution. However their rights are not superior to the rights enjoyed by the entire Namibian society.

“The Supreme Court judgement is a direct attack on the family institution which is the fundamental unit of our society and nation. Therefore, this judgement is a blasphemy to our nation and must be rejected and condemned by the Namibian people.

“The SPEC therefore appeals to our Parliament to assess this judgement and introspect it thoroughly for the best interest of our society and nation.”

In the photo: SPEC’s secretary Mr Mukwaita Shanyengana.