On 8th July Namibia will see the crowning of a new Miss Namibia.

This particular night will see the end of the search for the most beautiful lady in the land of the brave, and so the final selection and crowning of Miss Namibia 2023 will take place at the MTC Dome in Swakopmund.

The top ten finalists in the Miss Namibia 2023 competition who will be up on the night in contention for the famous tiara are:  Lidia Simon, Ausha Abrahams, Jameel Uiras, Martha Kautanavali, Jenica Engelbrecht, Biolla Uzera, Albertina Haimbala, Aina Nghipuilepo, Lency Kuhanga, and Shashmida Eiases.

Current Miss Namibia, Cassia Sharpley, will thus give over the crown to the next Miss Namibia before sunrise of the said night.

The Miss Namibia pageant is powered by NBC and sponsored by Debmarine Namibia.

In the photo: One of the hot contestants for the Miss Namibia 2023 crown.