Old Mutual Foundation Empowers Mutualites: N$100 000 Fuelling Community Responsibility

By Mignon du Preez /

The Old Mutual Staff Community Builder is an Old Mutual Foundation initiative aimed at empowering its employees to engage in corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities within their communities.

The Old Mutual Staff Community Builder initiative provides employees with the opportunity to volunteer their time, skills, and donate N$10 000 each to a social cause or community development project of their choice.

By actively participating in CSR initiatives that align with their interests and passions, Old Mutual employees ensure their involvement is meaningful and fulfilling.

For 2023, ten dedicated Old Mutual staff members (Mutualites) are demonstrating their philanthropic spirit by individually supporting ten different initiatives, each in line with the Old Mutual Foundation’s framework.

These staff members have committed a total of N$100 000 to various organisations, to empower them to drive positive change in various areas, including Financial Well-Being, Community Development, Education, Skills Development, and Community Development.

One such exemplary Mutualite is Elias Samende, an Old Mutual Staff Builder Champion, who pledged to support the Havana Charity Work Initiative. This initiative has made a significant impact in the lives of children and mothers in the Havana location of Windhoek by providing assistance to mothers in need and meals to 250 children every weekend.

Cavin Maswahu, through the Staff Builder, will donate N$10 000 to the Zambezi Girl Child Foundation, which aims to address the social challenges faced by girls in the Zambezi Region of Namibia, improving their quality of education and raising awareness on crucial topics such as teenage pregnancies, family planning, and sexual and reproductive health.

Other Mutualites supporting impactful initiatives include Taimi Thomas, who advocates for the Circle of Hope Academy, providing specialised care and support to children with autism spectrum disorder, and Anna-Mari Willemse, who believes in the work of the Hope Village Orphanage, providing orphans with access to quality education for a brighter future.

The Old Mutual Foundation further supports Elina Shishanda in empowering the Reusable Sanitary Pad and Winter Coat Project, Charlette Nauises in her efforts towards the Khorixas Samaritans Network, Paulina Kauluma supporting the Ruach Elohim Foundation, Festus Ekandjo in his support of the Rob Youth Foundation, Herman Shiimi in his support towards the Anti-Stock Theft Initiative, and Jason Hutchins in his support of the Sustainable Environmental Education Programme.

Old Mutual remains committed to champion mutually positive futures and empower the communities we operate in by Doing Great Things Every Day!

The Old Mutual Foundation is Old Mutual Namibia’s corporate social investment vehicle funded by a 1% of after-tax profit allocation annually – it aims to deliver a wide range of social initiatives throughout Namibia.

Key objectives of the Old Mutual Foundation include: • To develop and maintain an effective social empowerment programme.

  • To create opportunities for skills development.
  • And to promote sustainable development.

– Mignon du Preez is the Executive for Marketing, Public Affairs and Sustainability at Old Mutual Namibia.