Ondangwa Town Council has launched its strategic plan for the next five years.

The plan which is aimed at making the town “an engine of industrialisation and sustainable development” covers the years 2022/23 – 2027/28, and it is built around 5 pillars: good governance, infrastructure development and upgrading, economic and social progression, stakeholder engagement, and human capital development.

Mr Ismael Namgongo, the town’s CEO, who gave an overview of the strategic plan at the launch last Friday said that the strategic plan has set the path along which the journey for an industrialised and prosperous Ondangwa will be undertaken.

“This strategic plan is a document that is inclusive. A lot of people were consulted. This is a comprehensive document which we put together after consultations, interviews, and research facilitated by NIPAM,” Namgongo said.

“The strategic plan gives us the guidelines and tells us what to do in order to achieve the goals and objectives of our town in the coming five years.

“We have identified that as a council we need to consult more with stakeholders. Another thing we identified is infrastructure development. Youth recreational facilities, libraries and son on. The construction of the sport stadium in our town has started, it is doable.”

Namgongo also pointed out that the strategic plan includes a need for transparency.

“We also commit ourselves to be transparent and accountable, in how we handle the resources at our disposal. Only through transparency and accountability that residents will be able to have payment empathy.”

Also speaking at the same occasion was Ms Rebecca Kakololo, the acting director for academic affairs at Namibia Institute of Public Administration and Management (NIPAM).

Kakololo said that NIPAM’s role was to advise and assist in the preparation of the strategic plan.

“Realising the vision of Ondangwa becoming an engine of industrialisation and sustainable development can only be achieved through implementation,” she stated. “We all have a duty to make sure that this plan is implemented. So that come 2028 we will be able to say we have achieved it.”

Kakololo called on the management and the political leadership of the town to have performance agreements.

“And to ensure that the team is capacitated to deliver on areas under the scope of performance management systems developed that will guide the implementation of the strategic plan.”

Also present at the occasion was Oshana Governor Mr Elia Irimari who is also a resident of Ondangwa, as well as representatives of government and non-governmental institutions in Ondangwa, and other stakeholders.

In the photo: Oshana Governor Elia Irimari is flanked on his right by Ondangwa deputy mayor Ms Ester Auala and on his  left by Ondangwa Town Council’s Management Committee chairperson Ms Julia Kapia. On the extreme right is Ondangwa’s CEO Mr Ismael Namgongo, while on the extreme left is NIPAM’s Ms Rebecca Kakololo.