The sky is simply the limit for young people living with disabilities of any kind since the Constitution of Namibia provides for equality for every citizen regardless of their different physical condition.

This was said by the Minister of Sports, Youth and National Youth Service Mrs Agnes Tjongarero.

Tjongarero was speaking today at a workshop taking place in Ongwediva where close to 30 young people living with various disabilities are taking part. The youth are from Oshikoto, Ohangwena, Omusati and Oshana regions.

The theme of the workshop is “Mainstreaming Youth Disability Issues: Promoting Equality”.

“The Constitution set a requirement for the Parliament to enact laws such at the Affirmative Action Act and the Employment Act, to ensure that persons in designated groups enjoy all rights and opportunities to employment and career advancement.

“And that includes people with disabilities,” Minister Tjongarero said.

“Sometimes we are not aware of these opportunities which are there, that is the reason we are here. The purpose of this workshop is to create awareness.”

The Minister acknowledged that people with disabilities find it difficult to find and retain employment. But she urged the youth with disabilities to keep on knocking on doors without giving up.

“Keep on knocking, keep on trying. So that nobody can say that you don’t try to reach the opportunities available for you.”

She also said that there is underrepresentation of people with disabilities in the labour market. “It’s disheartening. The purpose of this workshop is to create awareness, so that people with disability are no longer underrepresented.

“It is aimed at creating greater synergies, and collaboration, empowering youth with disabilities in the regions so that they have clear understanding and knowledge to unlock their potential for better livelihoods.”

According to the Minister what is needed is collaboration and communication between stakeholders, “so that we can assist each other.

“Young people, the sky is the limit. The only thing which you don’t know is where to find job opportunities or where can one get help. Sometimes help is at the corner.”

The Minister was accompanied by the Governor of Oshana Mr Elia Irimari.

In the photo: Minister of Sports, Youth and National Youth Service Mrs Agnes Tjongarero speaking at a workshop for youth with disabilities.