The Old Mutual Foundation (OMF) is has announced the launch of its Chair & Desk (C&D) Initiative, a project created to address the urgent demand for usable chairs and desks in public schools throughout Namibia’s 14 regions.

The Old Mutual Foundation has been a major sponsor in the education sector since 2012, and this new initiative builds on the work that has already been done.

The N$500,000 C&D Initiative aims to provide new chairs and desks to schools with a real need while also repairing all fixable damaged chairs and desks.

To ensure the success of this effort, the Old Mutual Foundation is urging local entrepreneurs, businesses, vocational training facilities, and correctional services to collaborate on the provision and repair of furniture by completing the online form to be considered.

Equally, the Old Mutual Foundation is encouraging all Government schools in the 14 regions to participate by filling in the online form which requests them to motivate why their school deserves the support including other relevant information such as the number of fixable chairs and desks they have.

Speaking at the launch of the initiative at the Dr. Abraham Iyambo Primary School in Havana Windhoek, the acting school principal Alexia Ileka stated that “Chairs and desks are desperately needed in most of our schools throughout the country.

“I am quite appreciative to the Old Mutual Foundation for coming up with this fantastic idea, which will not only replace any damaged furniture in our classrooms but will also provide new furniture which will have a positive effect on learners’ capacity to perform. We appreciate having partners in education”.

Also speaking at the launch was Mignon du Preez, Group Marketing, Public Affairs and Sustainability Executive at Old Mutual Namibia who appealed to other corporates and individuals to join resources with the Old Mutual Foundation to ensure that a greater impact is achieved through this chair and desk drive.

In the photo: Vetarera Veii, Group Senior Social Responsibility Consultant, Old Mutual Foundation; Elizabeth Murangi, Principal Monte Christo Project School; Mignon du Preez, Group Marketing, Public Affairs and Sustainability Executive, Old Mutual Namibia; Alexia Ileka, acting Principal and Immanuel Nangolo HoD at Dr. Abraham Iyambo Primary School;  Mufaro Nesongano, Group Communications and Old Mutual Foundation Manager.