Learning is fun

By Josefina Gabriel /

Hey guys and girls, did you realise that the process of having to learn something new is normally fun, adventurous and productive?

Yes, very fun, exciting and enjoyable indeed.

And in fact learning is one of the most important keys to know how to do things better.

In the process of learning we experience new things, acquire new knowledge, and we may also do something practically to know it better.

As kids you go to school to learn how to improve and to become the person you want to be, and this process is like a treasure and it is lovely.

You can learn things at school, at home and in the community from different people, everyday, everywhere, mostly things that you love to do.

Remember, you can easily become what you learn, therefore do not stop learning the good things in life.

– Josefina Gabriel is a motivational writer, online columnist and author of the book ‘Listen to your heart’ published in 2022.