The recently-promoted Debmarine Namibia Premiership club, Eeshoke Chula Chula FC, received a financial boost that will put wings in their campaign for success in the top football league for the next three years.

Mr Steve Hamunyela, the founder and CEO of PstBet, said that this sponsorship comes from the company “as a caring and responsible corporate citizen.”

The sponsorship deal of N$1,8 million was announced today at Oshakati.

“Today we are here again to celebrate our newly promoted team, Eeshoke Chula Chula, a team that is changing Namibian football.

“I’m happy to announce our 3 years sponsorship deal with Eeshoke Chula Chula FC to the value of N$1,8 million of which N$360,000 was spent on sports gear and 1,440,000.00 is in cash,” Hamunyela said.

“The primary objective of our marketing, during this year and past year has been to position the PstBet brand as a caring and responsible corporate citizen, working in the interest of Namibia and her people, particularly as far as sports, cultural embracement and entertainment investment is concerned,” Hamunyela said.

He also stated that PstBet aspires to create an “Africa Brand”, a brand that is recognisable by everyone of all ages and background.

On behalf of Eeshoke Chula Chula, Mr Jonas Hapulile, a member of the club’s executive, said: “Today, we come together with hearts brimming with gratitude and anticipation to celebrate one extraordinary partnership, one that epitomises the true essence of sport, community and unity.”

“It’s with great delight that I address you, as we extend our heartfelt appreciation for the invaluable support generously provided by PstBet to the Eeshoke Chula Chula Football Club affectionately known as the ‘People’s Team’”.

Hapulile also stated that “today we stand on the cliff of a new era, an era that has been made possible by the unwavering support of PstBet Namibia.

“Their sponsorship of 1.8 million dollars for three years is not just a financial boost; it is a lifeline that will enable us to compete at the highest level while ensuring the well-being of our players and the community we represent.”

The sponsorship announcement was witnessed by Oshakati’s CEO Mr Timotheus Namwandi, NFA’s Oshana representative Mr Philip Dala, community football organiser Mr Herman Kalimbo, and many supporters of Eeshoke Chula Chula.

In the photo: PstBet’s CEO Mr Steve Hamunyela handing the sponsorship cheque over to representatives of Eeshoke Chula Chula.