The Namibian Media Professionals Union (Nampu) says that criminals are those people who want to stop journalists from doing their work of reporting freely and without hindrance.

Nampu amplified the voice of Tawfik Jelassi, UNESCO’s Assistant Director-General for Communications and Information, who said, ‘Journalists must not be threatened, targeted with attacks or prevented from reporting freely at any time.’

“We echo this sentiment and call on governments to take extraordinary measures to safeguard journalists’ safety and uphold the fundamental human rights of freedom of expression and access to information,” said Nampu’s acting secretary general Ms Jemima Beukes.

“These rights are not negotiable, and they are essential for a thriving democracy.”

Beukes said this in a statement released on 2 November, an international day meant to call for an end to impunity for crimes committed against journalists.

“On this day, Nampu reiterates its commitment to championing the rights and safety of journalists. We pledge to continue working tirelessly to create a more just and secure environment for our media professionals in Namibia.

“Let us stand united in defense of press freedom, for it is through an independent and fearless media that we strengthen our democracy and uphold the values we hold dear.”

In the photo: A journalist standing in defiance of those who benefit from violence, intimidation and even the killing of journalists.