Spotlight on some achievements at Oshakati

By Leonard Hango /

Allow me to begin with the highlight of this year, which is the rebranding of Oshakati image and new logo, which was officially launched on the 1st of September 2023. This is such a huge milestone for Oshakati as it allowed us to move into a better direction in terms of serving the residents of our town. By now most of you are familiar with the new logo of Oshakati.

During the launch of the new logo, we have also launched the Oshakati Town Council Customer Service Charter, which serves as a guiding framework on how we intend to better the Council’s services. As part of the launch of the Charter, the employees of Oshakati Town Council made a pledge on how they are going to serve the residents of the town. The aim is to enhance service delivery for the betterment of our town.

It is equally important to share with you that the project of servicing of erven in Extension 11 and 12 Ehenye, officially known as Oshakati North, have successfully been completed and in fact there are already houses constructed in these new extensions. Hence, I urge all people, especially young professionals that are residing in our town, to please grasp this opportunity of applying and acquiring land in the newly serviced extensions.

By now, most of us are aware of the on-going relocation programmes of our informal settlements. Hence, I would like to share with you that the relocation of Oshoopala location is still on-going. This is not an easy nor cheap project to execute, hence the project is divided into phases and we intent to relocate the entire Oshoopala location to Onawa where residents will receive free plots, serviced with water, roads and electricity. The aim is to ensure that as a local authority we improve the livelihood of our residents and do away with informal settlements.

Equally, Oshakati Town Council is also in the process of formalizing all informal settlements, which will also be conducted in phases. As we speak, we are in the process of formalizing Evululuko, Uupindi North and South, Okandjengedi North and South and Oneshila. The formalization processes of the above locations are however at different stages.

The intention is to attain the vision of Oshakati, to have it realized through our strategic plan, is what we would like to accomplish in 5 years’ time.

Another very important project which came as a call from the residents of the town is the construction of the Ondangwa taxi rank near the Yellow Complex which is currently under construction and the Endola-Okatana taxi rank which is now in operation.

Lastly, although the projects that Council have embarked on are a lot during this financial year, as Council we have heeded to the cry of our residents by waiving of all accumulated interests incurred on all accounts in arrears. This means that all accounts that are in arrears with Council, all accumulated interest on the accounts have been completely removed effective September 2023. This came about as a collective decision by Council which was taken in September this year.

These are just some of the few projects that I wished to share with you as they make me so proud.

– Mr Leonard Hango is the Mayor of Oshakati. This excerpt was part of the speech he delivered upon his reelection to the position of mayor earlier this week.