Up until November 2023 Karel Kaliki Kandjimi was just another teacher at Tondoro Junior Pre-Primary School in Rundu. Like most other teachers one of his dreams was to save up on his salary and one day buy himself a car.

That was until the 13th of November 2023 when his wildest dreams came into reality: he emerged as the overall winner of a car draw at an event held in Windhoek on November 13, where he featured as one of three finalists and he emerged as the fortunate winner of a brand new Polo Vivo through Letshego Namibia’s ‘Transact and Win’ campaign.

Kandjimi, selected as the second finalist, successfully unlocked a brand-new Volkswagen Polo Vivo valued at N$250,000.

The news of his fortune spread rapidly throughout his community in Rundu, where he was welcomed with jubilation and celebrations. Even his learners joined in the excitement, offering warm congratulations on his remarkable achievement.

“I felt welcomed by everyone, and I was immensely happy that my parents and family members supported me with their prayers throughout the competition and journey to Windhoek,” says Kandjimi.

His journey is one of gratitude, opportunity, and the power of community support.

Now, three months into being the proud owner of a Polo Vivo, Kandjimi reflects on the profound impact the victory has had on his life. “Letshego has significantly improved my life as it is now much easier for me to get around without worrying about hefty transportation costs,” he shares.

The car has provided him with newfound freedom and allowed him to assist his father, whose health issues and age made operating his current vehicle challenging.

“This will earn my dad more days,” Kandjimi remarks, highlighting the comfort and opportunities the win has brought to his family. Moreover, his family members are thrilled at the chance to learn how to drive, further enhancing their quality of life.

The win has shifted Kandjimi’s perspective on life. He now sees life as an opportunity not just to receive but also to give back to others.

Inspired by Letshego’s generosity, he is committed to extending the blessings he has received to his loved ones and community.

In the photo: Karel and his car when they were warmly welcomed by family, friends and community.