The Old Mutual Foundation has announced the launch of the 2024 edition of the Chair and Desk Initiative, building on the success of its inaugural year in 2023.

This initiative reaffirms Old Mutual’s dedication to enhancing the country’s educational infrastructure and cultivating a supportive learning environment for students across Namibia.

In 2023, the Chair and Desk Initiative made significant strides by aiding schools in various regions, including Omaheke, while efforts are still underway to finalise supplies for schools in Zambezi and Kunene.

The initiative involved repairing and supplying chairs and desks to institutions such as Silumbi Combined School and Mavuluma Secondary School in the Zambezi Region, Gunichas Roman Catholic Primary School, Drimiopsis Primary School and C. Ngatjizeko Primary School in the Omaheke Region, and Okapara Mobile Unit (Ondao School) and Elias Amxab Combined School in the Kunene Region.

“With an overwhelming response of over 900 applications in 2023, the Old Mutual Foundation strategically approached the 2024 edition. Utilising insights gained from the previous year; a selection process was conducted for all 14 regions,” said Mignon du Preez, Group Marketing, Public Affairs and Sustainability Executive of Old Mutual Namibia.

“Plans are underway to extend support to two schools annually in each of the remaining eight regions, spanning from 2025 and 2026, to ensure a comprehensive coverage across all 14 regions.”

The total sponsorship amount allocated towards the 2024 Chair and Desk Initiative is N$600 000 dedicated to supporting the selected beneficiary regions and schools.

In Erongo Region beneficiary schools are Justus //Garoeb High School, former Dibasen High School (new supplies), and Okongue Primary School (repairs).

In Oshana Region, Panguleni Primary School (new supplies) and Iidhiya Primary School (repairs).

While in //Kharas Region, Aussenkehr Primary School (new supplies) and Kaitsi!gubeb Combined School (repairs).

“The Old Mutual Foundation remains committed to its mission of making a meaningful impact in education and community development. Through initiatives like the Chair and Desk Initiative, the Foundation continues to empower schools and create opportunities for a brighter future for all Namibian learners.”

In the photo: Gunichas Roman Catholic Primary School, one of the 2023 chosen Chair and Desk Initiative beneficiaries.