The Town Council of Oshakati will for the next 12 months operate on a budget of N$243,575,908.00.

This was announced by the town’s mayor Mr Leonard Hango at a special council meeting that took place on 24 May 2024.

Hango stated that the town expects to receive an income of N$243,575,908.00 during the coming 12 months, and the town has made plans on spending all the money, so that they will have “a balanced budget, no deficit, and no surplus”.

Some of the priority capital projects which will receive sizeable amounts from the budget are the construction of a sewer treatment plant for Oshakati, which will cost the town N$32 million; the Oshakati North Extension 12 and Evululuko Sewer reticulations, which will cost the town council N$12,2 million; the upgrading of roads which includes the upgrading of Okatana-Omatala road, and upgrading of Oshakati NHE roads to tarred roads at a cost of N$9 million; and the construction of bulk water services in Ompumbu, which will cost N$7.6 million.

The construction of ground and elevated water towers in Evululuko and Okandjengedi South, will cost N$4.5 million; the construction of storm water channels around town and road speed humps will cost N$1,7 million; the formalization of Onawa will cost N$1,3 million; procuring of submersible sewer pumps and construction of manholes, at a cost of N$1,3 million; and acquiring of prepaid water meters, costing the town N$1 million.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the highlighted projects above are considered as capital projects. However, there are other projects within the budget of which I may not be able to list all of them at this point,” Hango said.

“The budget represents a bold and ambitious plan for Oshakati. It is a testament to our collective aspirations and our shared commitment to progress.

“Together, we will build a stronger, more resilient, and more vibrant community. Let us embrace this opportunity with optimism and determination, knowing that the best days for Oshakati are yet to come.”

In the photo: Oshakati Mayor Leonard Hango tabling his town’s budget.