Debmarine Namibia has donated three hemodialysis machines to Oshakati Intermediate State Hospital.

The symbolic hand over of the machines to the Minister of Health and Social Services Dr Kalumbi Shangula was done today at Oshakati.

The state hospital has been operating without these type of machines and patients with chronic kidney failures have been referred to private hospitals, an exercise described as costly.

“The health sector is one of the critical pillars in society and it plays a vital role in ensuring the wellbeing and prosperity of our people,” said Ms Johanna Haimene, the regional health director of Oshana.

“In this regard, the donation of this dialysis equipment is a significant milestone. Chronic kidney diseases have been steadily increasing. These machines will greatly enhance our capacity to provide life-saving treatment to patients suffering from kidney failure, providing their quality of life and offering hope to many families.

“We are deeply grateful to Debmarine Namibia for this donation. Your corporate social responsibility and commitment to the health sector demonstrates a remarkable example how private sector partnerships can contribute to public health improvement.”

Haimene thanked Debmarine Namibia for coming to the rescue of the public health sector with this support.

“Partnering with thriving communities is one of our building forever social investment pillars,” said Debmarine Namibia’s chief executive officer Mr Willy Mertens in a speech read on his behalf by Ms Stella Ipinge, the communications executive and chairperson of Debmarine Social Investment Fund.

“Through this pillar we seek for ways in which we can partner with our communities to generate real, lasting benefits for our country. At Debmarine Namibia we believe that a healthy nation is a wealthy nation.

“Through our social investment committee and with the assistance of the former acting superintendent Dr Phillip Nakangombe we learned about the pressing need for hemodialysis machines at Oshakati Intermediate State Hospital. That was in 2018.”

Mr Metens stated that it was only in 2023 when Debmarine Namibia came through with its promise due to unforeseen circumstances caused by Covid-19.

“In 2023 we delivered on our promise by procuring three hemodialysis machines for the hospital including installation, prefiltration and labour. The installation and training was completed by the service provider in May 2024.

“The total sponsorship amounts to over N$1,5 million.”

Mertens further stated that he was confident that the dialysis machines will be used effectively and for intended purposes.

In the photo:  Ms Stella Ipinge delivering Debmarine Namibia CEO’s statement.