MOBILE telecommunications giant MTC has come up with a glamorous  magazine for its clients.

The magazine is a new addition to the dull local magazine sector.

Mr Erasmus Nekundi, MTC’s communications officer, told Omutumwa that they decided to introduce the magazine in order to provide much needed information regarding their services and products, as well as keeping their customers up-to-date with trending technological gadgets.

With Ms Janet Kapenda, the brand executive for marketing at MTC, as the editor, MTC Connect magazine is a quality publication. Quality editorial content, quality pictures and printed on quality paper, Mr Nekundi says the magazine falls exactly in line with the mobile telecommunications service provider’s culture.

“The magazine is of high quality, because that is our culture. Whether it is services or products, we deliver top quality,” Nekundi says. “Our customers deserve top quality products and services at all times.”

In the “Welcome to our world of connections” editorial Ms Kapenda says: “Through the pages of this magazine, we intend to connect Namibians from all walks of life to the possibilities in that a connected world presents. In your personal life, or business or career, MTC Connect hopes to give you the tools to live better through technology.”

The editorial content of the inaugural edition consists of interviews with MTC employees and articles on issues and topics relating to communication and technology, as well as some general topical issues such as the: “Tips for successful Entrepreneurship – Online and off”, “Co-parenting with Google”, “How to network when you’re an introvert”.

The first edition of Connect runs from November 2019 to January 2020. It is free of charge, distributed as an insert in some local newspapers. But Mr Nekundi says they will in future look at the possibility of distributing the attractive magazine at MTC mobile homes across the country as well.

“Our customers should enjoy reading the magazine and look forward to the next edition,” he says.