TORSHLAM Lekwasz has shows lined up for the festive season, a treat reserved mostly for his fans in Omusati region. The shows will feature multiple artists, most of them from Windhoek.

On 13 December Torshlam will give a free show dubbed “Bampa 2 Bampa” at Omkile Zone Bar along Tsandi Road, 10 km to Outapi. Those who will perform include Torshlam, Aron Boss, HT Tha Rapper, Longizo, D-Kandjafa, Funny Boy, Twinkle, Binho Boy, High Platformz, and Makilla.

Then there will be a “know your artists and local businesses” road show starting from 20 December at Enongo Bar, Opoloyeka, Oshihau, with performances by Torshlam, Nyangaz, Team yaNambula, Tiktak, Menete and others.

On 21 December the show will be at Blue Moon, Onesi (Ombandu).

On 24 December Torshlam will perform with the likes of Tate Buti and PDK at the Endola Annual Expo.

On 25 December the show will be at Energy Bar, Endombo-Omwifi where the albums of Nyangaz and Torshlam will also be available.

On 31 December the “New Year Bash” will be at Villa House Bar, Okasheshete, Uukolonkadhi. Those taking to the stage will be Torshlam, Nyangaz, Team yaNambula, Tiktak, Chika, IC, John King and many others.

On 1 January 2020 the big show billed “Welcome New Year Show” will be at Love Station Bar, Onesi, featuring Torshlam, Nyangaz, Team yaNambula, IC, Tiktak, Chika, John King and many others.

“We want to hit the festive season with fireworks. People should expect electrifying performances, the best of the best, nothing but the best,” says Torshlam. “Next year will be another year, the album is out and we are looking forward to the NAMAs.”

Caption: Torshlam Lekwasz