THE Councillor for Ndiyona Constituency in Kavango East region was on Friday 10 January 2020 released on bail after he spent a week in police custody for having allegedly assaulted his wife on Christmas Day.

Mr Eugen Likuwa was released on bail of N$5000. The State alleges that the 49-year-old Likuwa physically assaulted and threatened to kill his wife.

After a formal bail application the Rundu Magistrate’s Court granted bail to Likuwa although the State represented by Ms Rauna Shiwandu opposed the granting of bail to the suspect. Magistrate Hellen Olaiya agreed with the arguments of Likuwa’s legal representative Ms Beatrix Bianca Boois of BB Boois Attorneys that Likuwa will pose no threat to the police investigations and he will not be likely to run away from justice.

The magistrate also noted that the State has failed to provide evidence in court indicating that if released the suspect may harm the complainant.

Many people believe that public officials do get it easy with justice as they happen to be granted bail easily for offences of domestic violence. Likuwa’s case follows in the footsteps of Namibia Qualifications Authority’s CEO Mr Franz Gertze.

Gertze was last December charged for having shot his wife with a gun multiple times and attempted to kill her. When the condition of his wife improved more than a week later he was released on bail of N$5000.

Likuwa’s lawyer Ms Boois told Omutumwa that, contrary to popular opinion, in fact public figures do get it tough in courts when they have to apply for bail.

“In actuality the very fact that they hold public office makes it extremely difficult for them to be granted bail,” Boois said.

“Even though there may be a statement on record from the complainant that he/she has no objection to bail being granted or that the complainant wishes to withdraw the case, the State may continue opposing bail due to the appearance of public interest drawn by the fact that the person accused of being involved in a domestic altercation holds public office.”

CAPTION: Mr Eugen Likuwa in court. (Photo from NBC TV image.)