By Josefina Gabriel / Guest Writer /

One thing I have learned is that you can always overcome anything you are going through just if you don’t give up.

Every person will face problems, difficulties and life challenges once upon a time in their lives. And the way you handle them and deal with them, it will determine whether you can make it or not.

In fact life seems so hard to handle for those who give up easily. Life seems meaningless to those who don’t have the courage to try and to live again.

But it does not matter what kind of situation you are going through. You can always overcome it if you don’t give up. Remember that it is never too late. You are not too old; you are never too sick. You are not a failure. You are not a coward. You are not ugly. You are not poor. But you are the most beautiful creature of God. God created you with a very good purpose. Meeting the situations and problems in your life is part of the way to that purpose.

Just believe in yourself. Believe that you can do it. Don’t underestimate yourself. The fact that you are still breathing it is indication that God still believes in you and in what you can accomplish on this earth. Just stop doubting yourself.

Stop listening to different people’s words. They will confuse you. Be yourself and trust yourself. Listen to your inner-self. Of course you must listen to good advice from people. But you must listen to the words of encouragement and motivation.

You might be sick. You might have failed at all you have tried. Just stand up and reject all these lies that you can’t make it. There is no one who never failed, or who was never sick.

There is a secret that can help you get ahead in life. It is faith. Faith is what we need to have so that we can be able to stand up again. If you are a student but there is no money to pay for your progress, just have faith and tell yourself that one day you will make it.

If you are suffering in marriage just have faith that all this is the lies of the jealous Devil. Things will come back to normal. If you are sick or passing through difficulties in your family just speak with faith and believe it in your heart that all will be fine soon. Start to see the good things in your life. Always dream about success. Think positively. Avoid thoughts of powerlessness and hopelessness. Speak good words upon your life  and it shall be.

Just never give up on yourself.