As Namibia celebrates 30 years of independence and self-rule one company stands out from among the rest to prove that not only can a state-owned enterprise be self-sustaining but that it can really outperform some of the best in the private sector too.

Mobile Telecommunications Limited is such company.

Born in 1995 as a cellular operator in Namibia the company known by its acronym ‘MTC’ has over the years put a feather in the government’s hat of SOEs by being one of the best-run state-owned businesses – so that most people hardly ever believe it is state-owned.

Over the 25 years of its life MTC grew into a Namibian company many citizens would be proud of. Its commitment to quality in the provision of its services and products has ensured that it consolidates its dominant position in the market, squeezing competitors in the corner, and reaping the fruits in terms of revenue from an otherwise small market.

Even in a country which has such a poor customer service culture MTC has proven to be one of the few companies with an outstanding customer service attitude.

Over the years MTC has striven to be innovative and customer-focused, in the process delivering exceptional customer experience and satisfaction for every one of its customers.

Apart from its core business of providing telecommunications services of a world standard to the Namibian nation MTC’s tentacles also reach deep in the society through its corporate social investments.

To date MTC is the leading investor in human capital development and the improvement of the youth’s natural talent through its various social investment activities ranging from sport, music, and education.

In a country where most of the government’s businesses keep coming back to the treasury with a begging bowl, MTC consistently delivers dividends to its shareholders; with a reported N$374.3 million dividend for the year 2017/18.

(This was a free advertorial to celebrate and appreciate Namibia’s freedom and independence over the past 30 years.)