/  By Josefina “Ndeshi” Gabriel  /

As much as there is a need for us to forgive others, there is also a great need for us to forgive ourselves.

As people, we sometimes do things which we later come to blame ourselves for. Sometimes we may find it difficult for us to forgive ourselves and move on. We keep holding on to the mistake we did.

Forgiveness is something we must always fulfill in our lives without conditions. We may have failed to forgive ourselves, thinking that it is not easy to forgive and to forget because we think it is a terrible deed.

But there is nothing impossible to let it go out of our life although we might think it was a terrible act.

Life might seem so complicated, but what we need to do is just to accept the situation that comes in front of us. If we have learned a lesson, and we are not going to repeat the same mistake, then even if it makes us to believe that we did a terrible wrong that we will never forget in our lives, we just have to move on.

Inability to forgive ourselves will make us get stuck on one path of blaming ourselves about what we did and capture ourselves in that moody life although we can make it work out again. Just let it go! It fell apart but it was there for the better reasons.

It wanted to transform you and make you move from one page to the other page of life lessons, and from one chapter to the next chapter of your life. It wanted to make you get mature enough and make you understand more the life coming in future.

But by holding on it and looking at it in a negative way, it will lead you into other mistakes; leading you into depression and internal pain.

God himself can forgive us in all deeds .Why can’t we do it ourselves too? No one is perfect. Let it go!

There is another bright page of life waiting for you.

There is a secret of love that you have to secure in your life, which says that you are only able to forgive yourself when you love yourself always.

It is the Devil, the jealous one, who causes us to make mistakes and terrible deeds. Through our mistakes the Devil wants to bury down all our treasures of happiness, success and love which God has prepared for us long before we were born.

It is up to you to dig up that hole; your treasures are in there hidden, just stand up and find them. Claim your happiness and a successful life by getting your new life away from that darkness of evil called unforgivable and unforgettable.