Giving is receiving

By Josefina Gabriel |

One of the funny things about this life is that most of the time people expect to get more than they are willing to give.

And you may see that even those who appear to have much of something they will even expect to get from those who have so little.

A person with a greedy heart is in the category with those who are self-serving and wishing to have everything instead of sharing with anyone. And in most cases this person never gets satisfied although he or she got a lot before.

There are people with no food, those who have not eaten sugar for a month, people that didn’t eat bread for five months, those who can only eat rice twice in the year or they can drink tea only at Christmas.

That person who can only drink a cool drink when there is a party or wedding at their neighbour’s house. While you have the fridge full of different foodstuffs. Yes, it’s not wrong neither is it a sin, but my question is how many people did you share with from your food? How many did you volunteer yourself to buy them bread?

I understand that you can’t change the whole world, and you can’t satisfy the whole neighbourhood either. But giving an apple to that child, a jersey, a blanket or pair of shoes once in a while, it will make a big difference in the world.

Don’t keep that food you don’t feel like eating, until it gets expired or rotten; don’t throw away that food you left in the pot last night. There is someone out there who needs that food. There is a person who is in need of that bread without jam.

When you are giving you don’t give for a return – you give to help. And when someone asked you for help it’s meaningful to respond. Give with all your heart, give with joy and you will get your unexpected rewards tomorrow.

Giving and receiving is a two-way street. It creates a non-ending cycle of sharing and exchanging of happiness and love in our communities.

Those who give will receive blessings of prosperity, happiness, satisfaction, and a lot more, just as by giving you put a smile on the face of another person.

When you open your hand to give, it’s more meaningful and rewarding than when you open it to receive.

– Josefina Gabriel is a motivational writer, devout Christian and author. She can be reached at email: