The Namibian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) in Eenhana branch donated food items to the Governor of Ohangwena region in the efforts to fight the effects of Covid-19.

The food which had the total value of N$ 20,000 was handed over by NCCI Eenhana Branch Chairperson Ms Linea Haimbodi to Ohangwena Governor Walde Ndevashiya in the regional capital on 29 May 2020.

“Due to the seriousness of the Corona virus, its implications and consequences on the human health and the fact that this virus has been identified to be a serious threat to the communities of Namibia, and as we are all responsible citizens, we have decided to provide care and support with special focus on vulnerable people, disadvantaged in any form,” Ms Haimbodi said.

“The Namibian government, local enterprises and the Namibian people working together to offer their assistance in cash and in kind and more importantly as business people even during this economic downturn, it is our sincere hope and belief that with the assistance of the community we deeply understand that the donation we are giving will be given over to the needy and to those affected people out there.

“I express our heartfelt thanks to the individuals and business leaders who have organized for this generous donation and kindly donated their cash and in kind to this initiative in order to fight the effects of the Corona pandemic.”

On his part the Governor of Ohangwena Mr Walde Ndevashiya said: “As the regional government we express our deep appreciation to our business people for the efforts they made to mobilize themselves and give this generous donation to our needy people through the Office of the Governor.

“This is a good example for all of us to emulate in order to meet the government half-way. I want to appeal to all our business people and to individual citizens to do the same. We are in a difficult situation and as government alone we cannot provide all the services needed by our people during this difficult situation.”

List of businesses and individuals who donated under the NCCI Eenhana branch for the first phase of donations:

1) Hanganeni Technology and Investment CC,

2) Northedge Manufacturing and Stationery,

3) Zengeline Trading CC,

4) Former Eenhana Mayor Mrs J. Shikongo,

5) Pastor for ROSM Ministry Eenhana Ms P. Mangudu,

6) Masson Training and Bricks Manufacturing CC,

7) Mr and Mrs Matheus and Lesheni Dumeni,

8) Mr George Hifilwa,

9) Ndali Flower,

10) Eenhana Dry Clean and Laundry,

11) Eenhana Mayor Mr A. Nangolo,

12) Omwoonde Centre and Pennipewa Investment CC,

13) Diva Construction CC,

14) Dolly Simon Catering and Restaurant,

15) Kubanga Africa Trading CC,

16) Ms Natalia Ndaitwa,

17) Ndemweetela JB Investment CC,

18) Waandja Guesthouse and Lodge.

IN THE PHOTO: From left are business man Mr Garius Nandjebo, NCCI Eenhana Chairperson Ms Linea Haimbodi and Ohangwena Governor Walde Ndevashiya