The Corona virus disease of the year 2019 (Covid-19) came as a surprise to many, including the educated ones, not only in our society but everywhere across the world.

Even the prophets of our day couldn’t prophesy the coming of something of this magnitude. Everyone was caught off-guard. Even Omutumwa was caught off-guard.

Although the media was considered to be one of the essential services which couldn’t be hindered by the lockdown, at Omutumwa we simply dropped the baton abruptly and left for our homes to wait until the corona wave has passed. The reasons for this were two:

  1. We couldn’t risk the health of our people at the office by continuing to come to work in the uncertain environment, 2. We didn’t have the resources either to continue functioning in an emergency situation.

It has been several months. But now we are back at work.

The Namibian society is now in stage 3 of the defensive strategy against Covid-19. Except for Walvis Bay which has been sent back to stage 1 as a result of new infections detected there recently.

We can all be glad to go to work and continue with the process of building our country. Everyone must put their shoulder to the wheel to do what they can do to not only put bread on the table for their families, but also to contribute to the development of our society.

This Covid-19 has hit us hard, and its effects will continue to be felt for many years to come. As a society and as individuals many of our plans have been messed up. Some things will have to start from scratch. A lot of resources have been diverted to fighting the corona virus.

So that we will need to work extra hard in order to make giant steps towards our personal goals as well as our national goals.