Informante’s northern journalist has put an academic feather in her journalism hat after completing a two-year certificate course in policing.

Maria David told Omutumwa that she decided to spend money in order to do the course through IoL because knowledge of the police force’s work is necessary for any journalist who covers crime related matters.

She said the money, time and effort spent in the course were well-spent and everything was worthwhile because she has now acquired the knowledge which will improve the quality of her crime reports.

“Right now I have the understanding of the force. If you look at the stories I used to do and the kind of stories I do now, there is a big difference,” Maria said.

“The course gave me an understanding of legal terms and legal processes. It also made me to know how to be on the right side of the law.

“You get an understanding of a lot of things. Not only cases, but also of how to deal with different people on a daily basis.

“I do encourage other journalists to do the same, take up a course they like, study any course in the line of their work to get an understanding of the issues they are covering, and get the knowledge that makes you do a good job for the benefit of the society.”

Maria has been with Informante for four years.

In the photo: Maria David in her graduation gown.