By Josefina “Ndeshi” Gabriel |

We live in a world whereby you can get what you want through money.

Most people can even confidently say that money is everything in life. They might be right, they might be wrong. But let’s briefly look at what money can do and what it can’t do.

The most significant thing that money can do is that it can buy and pay for our essentials and useful services.

And the most significant thing that money cannot do is that money cannot give life. Which then mean that on earth you can perfectly live without money.

Yet, really, to most people, with money you can have all that you wish for in life. And you can be happy and enjoy all you want, for instance you can have more power to control others because of money. And you can pay for all your needs and wants.

But this is not to mean that you can be like God on earth if you have money. You must not treat others like dogs just because they don’t have money. You have to love them and help them and thank God he has chosen you to be different. He might have blessed you to help others too.

Unfortunately in most cases people have their faith in money and they put their trust more in their jobs which give them money, and they trust God less. So that their happiness is in that money and when it comes to no money situations they end up stressed and depressed and just thinking that without money you’re useless.

They consider money as their gods. Sometimes they end up worshiping their money and they forget that there is only the One above all who deserves worship.

This situation of loving and worshiping money brings death on earth. People kill others because they love money more than they love other people. A person can easily commit suicide simply because he or she lost money or properties.

So we can’t live without money?

No we can live without money. We can survive without money although today it seems difficult since everything has to be converted into money.

The only good way is to try all your best to gain money slow by slow in a productive way by serving the community.

Don’t go for boyfriends to acquire money; don’t go for rituals to earn money; don’t go for bribes to get money. Work hard with your own wisdom and hands to bring money in your pockets.

And don’t think of yourself as nothing without money but you will only be nothing without God.