What is faith?

Faith is a strong belief or trust in the reality of things we cannot see and confidence that one day such things can happen or become visible.

I came to realise that without faith we are just empty and hopeless. I came to realise that only through faith can you fulfill the desire you have for the future. I came to realise that faith can change impossible things to possible things.

I came to realise that im-possible is just actually another way of saying “I’m – possible!”

All good things are possible to have just if you believe and have the appropriate faith.

But the question is: how do we have faith? And why do we most of the time seem confused, scared, in doubt and think that it’s over or that we can’t make it?

There are situations in our lives that can challenge us and bring this “impossible” word in our minds. And this “impossible” word always come together with negative thoughts, thoughts which can convert to actions of failure.

But it doesn’t matter for how long it will take or how many failures you go through. It doesn’t matter how old you are. Just know that what is yours is yours. Stop comparing yourself with other people. Accept and be happy with what you have now because more of what you want will come at its proper time.

We need to hold on to our faith no matter how things become complicated. It doesn’t matter what you have lost. Just hold on to your faith, lean on that pillar of faith. That pillar will never fall because it is there just for you.

There are no impossible realities on earth or in heaven. With God everything is possible. He can change unchangeables to changeables. He is the living GOD who can give life to the dead bones.

We do have lots of dead bones in our lives. Let us have faith, and faith can give them life.

Faith is the key that opens the doors of our impossible life to a new, wonderful, possible life.

Let us have faith in everything that God has prepared for us.