In less than three months a total of 96 community-based entrepreneurs received Covid-19 relief grants totaling close to N$1,5 million through the SMEs Compete’s Pitch for Recovery programme.

The Pitching For Recovery (P4R) programme was launched on 29 September 2020 with the aim of throwing a lifeline to local entrepreneurs whose enterprises have been adversely affected by the corona virus pandemic.

The grants are given to entrepreneurs who have managed to prove to a panel of adjudicators that they truly deserve to receive a lifeline to help place their struggling enterprises back on a firm footing.

“The 96 entrepreneurs, of whom 53 are females, received business rescue and recovery grants totaling just short of N$1.5 million,” said business coach and CEO of SMEs Compete Mr Danny Meyer who is running the programme through all the 14 regions of Namibia.

The P4R programme was conceptualized and is being presented by SMEs Compete with support from the German Development Service GIZ.

“Last week we were in Eenhana, the capital of Ohangwena region. Mariental, the administrative centre and commercial hub of the Hardap Region, is the next town where P4R will be run.

“Starting Monday, 16 November, the first group of P4R applicants will participate in a coaching programme in Mariental to help them hone their pitching skills before presentation for evaluation to a panel of five adjudicators. The second group attends the following day, Tuesday 17th.

“Places are available for P4R in Mariental and entrepreneurs from anywhere in Namibia, with an enterprise struggling to recover from the Covid-19 lockdown, may participate,” said Meyer.

One of the entrepreneurs in Eenhana who failed to receive the grant said if there will be another opportunity for them it will be appreciated.

“All of us were adversely affected by the Covid-19,” said Auguste Haikali of Tukaleni Investment cc. “Our businesses closed down during the lockdown, and we scrambled back on our feet. It wouldn’t be fair if the adjudicators decided that those of us who didn’t get the grants it was because our businesses were not affected.”

In the photo: Auguste Haikali of Tukaleni Investment cc pitching for her business in Eenhana.