Embrace your struggle

By Alma “Namene” Amunyela|

My fellow ladies, just imagine if you get what you want, every time, no struggle, no hard work, no challenges and no-nothing required?

Some of you are saying that that would be great. It will be great, neah? Yeah, it’ll be great.

But then you will be weak, and when something hard comes up in your life you won’t know how to handle it because you have never gone through anything that strengthens you.

A person cannot grow without struggle. You cannot develop strength without resistance, challenges and struggle. And remember, pain is your friend.

Maybe not in the moment, but for the evolution of your soul, for the long term benefit of you, as a stronger human being, pain is your friend.

My sister if you didn’t have failures, struggles and disappointments in your life’s journey then you would have no strength, courage and compassion. How would you? Imagine if you never walked ever since the day you were born, how could you have strong legs?

Likewise, struggle gives you inner strength.

Those of you who went through (or continue to go through) pain and struggle, you were given the pain and struggle because this is the exercise which will make you strong enough to handle the big responsibilities of life.

If you accept your struggle you will live through, drive through, thrive through and inspire others through it. Others will look at you and say she did it, so I have strength to do it too.

My dear, you’re stronger than you think, because you have survived all of your challenges to this point. You survived whatever came your way, so next time a struggle comes I don’t want you to curse the skies but just know that it was sent for a reason and a lesson it might be to make you stronger and wiser, and it might be a teacher of patience.

It might be for you to show others your spirit. There is a reason. So don’t you give up; and you will only find the reason if you keep going.

I’m saying your struggle made you the person you are today or you will be tomorrow. Your struggle is your life. I can say it again. Your struggle is your gift. See, many people look at struggle like it’s a bad thing.

Just let us keep growing, and remember your struggle is a part of your story.