Three of the Pentecostal Protestant Church (PPC) youth national leadership visited their Opuwo congregation in the weekend of 28 to 29 November 2020 to familiarise themselves with issues affecting the young people.

The three leaders had a meeting which was attended by close to 100 youths. Leader of the delegation Mr Paulus Ndaitwa told the youth that by next year when the dust of the corona virus will have settled there will be a lot of youth activities for the youth of PPC. Ndaitwa also said that had it not been for the Covid-19 situation of this year there would have been many activities already including a national youth conference which would have taken place in Okahandja.

There has been little activity over the years concerning the youth of PPC. The leadership has been quiet mostly although the youth are the future of the church. But Ndaitwa said things will change.

“We will come back soon. We will even go all the way to visit our Epupa congregation,” he said.

Ndaitwa who lives in Otjiwarongo is the deputy chairperson of the national youth leadership, deputising Mr Jacques Solomons. Ndaitwa was accompanied by the Oshakati-based overseer of the far-northern regions Mr Johannes Niimwene and his assistant Mr Joseph Gabriel who is based in Ruacana.

The meeting was also attended by youth leaders from Okondaunwe congregation, Ongali congregation, Outapi congregation, Oshifo congregation and Ondangwa congregation.

The youth of Opuwo expressed a few problems which have kept them from going forward. One of the problems raised was the problem concerning their leaders who have been in their positions for a long time although there was not much they were doing in those positions.

Mr Ndaitwa responded to the concern by saying that the constitution of the youth prescribed that there should be an election for new leadership after every three years.

However the leader of the Opuwo youth became emotional and started shedding tears when the issue of elections was being discussed. She felt that she was being unfairly targeted when she never said she did not want to get out of the position.

In the end Mr Niimwene and Mr Gabriel assured that they will come back early next year to observe the elections for the new Opuwo youth leadership.

In the photo: from left are Mr Johannes Niimwene, Mr Paulus Ndaitwa and Mr Joseph Gabriel at Opuwo.