Ready to steer the right course

By Tangy Mike Tshilongo |

After quitting politics due to the fact that politics will never bring the true emancipation of the masses of our people, I decided to bring back the hope of the true emancipation of our people by establishing Advocate for Change.

My role in the community will always come with high expectations. I know that I am not a politician, a doctor, a nurse or a headman, but I am still facing quite a lot of pressure from those who are dejected.

Now that I am putting my energy on emancipating the masses of our people from the hands of politicians, Advocate for Change will be their hope.

Advocate for Change is a radical and independent voluntary organization that starts at a point: the conception. It is what happens to the conception that is determining its success.

The ideology is commenced with three clear aims and objectives. The first one is to awaken ourselves not to betray our mission but to execute it. The second one is to restore, uplift and empower the lives of the dejected masses of our people. The third one is to Advocate for a true emancipation of our people.

The vision of Advocate for Change will take few years of hard work to achieve its success. The work that needs to be done to eventually make Advocate for Change successful is in the form of three pillars.

Our vision is to bring into being, build and lead the most successful people’s organization in the country. This will be achieved by:

– Putting together the best available leadership and developing it further.

– Establishing a programme that will allow these leaders to develop to their full potential.

– Establishing a brand of Advocate for Change that is marketable, and fills meetings by attracting the masses of our people.

The organization will propose a fourth pillar: a sustainable financial model. The first two pillars will make the third possible. And the third would ultimately make the fourth possible, to the point where it could sustain the first three pillars.

For those who have ever wondered what is meant by the ‘structures’ of an organization, these four pillars will provide a neat summary of all the things they will entail.

In the photo: Community activist and leader of Advocate for Change Mr Tangy Mike Tshilongo