An attitude of take and take

By The Author [When My Mind is Liberated]

Tenderpreneurs, politicians and religious gangsters all fall in the same category: Conmen/Takers, Grabbers, Pinchers … (make your choice or add more.)

Namibia has become a haven for religious thugs and just like their political counterparts they have no shame or any sense of remorse when going about their business.

They take from the innocent, the ignorant, the naive and especially the religious buffoons who think God is a cash meter that needs to be kept up and running with more money.

To some extent I understand the temporary escape the spiritually starved Namibians seek. They feel victimised by the conventional religious dispensations in Namibia; they have come to realise God does not understand their vernacular and thus does not fulfil their prayers and desires.

As a result, they opt for the unknown and flamboyant churches that promise them what only “they want to hear”: wealth without hard work and sweet revenge against those that strive to keep them poor and destitute.

However for these special prayers to be turned into blessings, these religious buffoons have to pay.

To be in favour of God they need to fork up moneys to secure that their prayers are directly forwarded to God and better still, articulated in English and “tongues”. So no conventional protocol observed!

God, it seems, has either lost faith in the prayers communicated through indigenous languages or the prayers are not animated enough to create a spectacle, a scene, a memorable moment for God to take notice of them.

He has long changed the channels of communication and revised the protocol introduced some centuries ago.

Unlike the olden days when the messengers of God and even the angels were as ordinary as the walking man: the new vibrant, colourful, well dressed, well articulated and animated vessels of God are themselves gods that walk this earth and can raise the dead from their coffins and they continue to solicit more money and favours in the name of God.

Closely related to their cousins, the politicians and the Conmen and the Tenderpreneurs, these gods are the sole beneficiaries of the earthy wealth and pleasures. They are the Mosess, the Messiahs, the Emancipators, revolutionaries and “Profits” of the modern day version of the “Chosen Ones”.

Politicians and Religious Speculators alike are capitalising on the vanity of the masses that are not part of the political or economical structures. They harvest our ignorance and reproduce followers that blindly listen to the joyful noise made in the name of freedom and wealth after death.

These financial disciples have adopted strategies and learned hypnotic skills to entice Namibians “for a better life after a life of suffering and despair”. On the other hand they live a fulfilled life of bliss yet we are too blind to see.

I think the “edited” motto and “revised” mantra of these economic speculators is based on Acts 20 v 35: “Blessed is the hand that’s giving and the One that is taking”. Their interpretation is to receive from the poor and economically marginalised and then bless them in return with empty promises and lies of a paradise after death.

I mean how can a self-styled “Profit” promise you entry to God’s place of residency? What kind of agreement do they have with the Almighty One.

The question remains: are the blessings theirs to start dishing them out in exchange for earthly possessions?

Well, I suppose the partnership between the politicians and Religious International Miners have secured the tender and licenses to dish out Blessings.

* ‘The Author’ is a Namibian writer trying to liberate his/her mind which has been befuddled by the contemporary political, economic, and social order.