Love and respect them

By Josefina Ndeshi Gabriel |

There are best and nicer people in this world who deserve all the love and respect from you due to their deeds because they gave you a good life and better future.

And I’m talking about the crucial role your parents played and continue to play in your life.

Your parents deserve your love for raising you up, which was not easy; not easy at all by taking a very good care of you when you were a baby – and even for carrying you within their wombs and then they didn’t reject you on the day you were born, but rather they gave all love they had for you and sacrificed all to you without even noticing that.

Really it’s very painful to treat your mother or father bad, because you’re just like retouching the wound of the pain they suffered in making you a better kid.

There are those who lost their parents and have never seen their parents’ love and attention and always wish to have even one of them, wishing that if they could have them they will obey and love their parent; but you have your parents and you are misusing them.

To those of you who are working and living a good life, why are you ignoring your parents and forgetting that they are the reason you’re who you are today? They never had limited time to support you, and they didn’t help you only once in a year but did so always.

Don’t wait for their death to buy them expensive coffins and nice graves but do good things now for them and make them happy although they don’t ask much.

They got hurt, wounded, dirty, and broke and always had sleepless nights and restless time because of you. They slept hungry and gave you everything to go to school, yet they made sure to have food for you on the table.

Yet you can’t remember that or you can’t see that.

Some can say to their parents that they never applied for them to give birth to them. This is not good at all.

Please change that evil mind and love them because they love you more than you think.

As for me, let me send a big shout of blessings to parents the world over!