While the town of Ruacana is generally clean, rubbish was seen flying around at the NDC (Nida) complex which houses the post office, Okalunga shop, the town’s mini open market, and others, including a restaurant.

When contacted by Omutumwa the CEO of the town was said to be out of the office and a certain Mr Lennox Mutilifa who is said to be responsible for the town’s cleanliness said he was going to take up the matter with the people concerned.

“The people who are responsible are even not Okalunga, but NDC. It’s within an erf [which belongs to NDC]. I’m not advocating for it. I myself am not a person who likes a dirty town. Today is Monday, I will take up the matter,” Mutilifa said.

“I understand your concern. You say the problem was observed over the weekend. I will take it up today.”

In the photo: Some rubbish which had collected in front of the shop over the weekend.