The town council of Oshakati will not increase its charges on basic municipal services such as water, sewer and refuse removal during the upcoming financial year.

This was said by the town’s mayor Mr Leonard Hango today when he tabled the town’s budget for the financial year 2023/2024.

Howerver Hango said that some services were “minimally adjusted using a cost recovery cost principle”.

Hango tabled a budget totaling N$214, 403, 989.40, which is the estimated total income of the town council in the next 12 months. And the same amount will be spent over the next 12 months.

“On this overall budget, Council took note of the current global economic trends and local economic situations in our town and tried as far as possible to balance the cost of services in this regards,” Hango said.

“Hence it is important to note that Council have not made any tariff increase on the basic services such as water, sewer and refuse removal fees during the upcoming financial year.”

Hango highlighted some of the major projects the Council will undertake in the next 12 months. Among them are the allocation of N$7 million for the construction of sewer reticulation in Evululuko, and a provision of N$8 million for the construction of Okatana-Omatala bitumen road.

The council has also allocated N$3,5 million for the relocation of Oshoopala informal settlement phase 3.

“As the town expands, so are the needs for sports and recreational facilities; in this regard, Council have allocated N$800, 000 towards the development of the Ekuku recreation part Phase 3 as well as a decent children playground that will be constructed at Onawa settlement at an estimated budget amount of N$200,000,” Hango said.

Hango also pointed out that the method for collecting revenue from the town’s residents will be regularly modified and intensified to minimise and control bad debt and defaults.

“Additionally, initiatives such as the elderly debt incentive programme are established with the aim to assist the pensioners of Oshakati by waiving off all interests accumulated on their municipal services accounts for single residential zoned properties,” he said.

In the photo: Oshakati Town Council tabling its budget at a special council meeting.