Masking the masks

By The Author [When My Mind is Liberated]

So Convid-19 introduced fashionable masks and we all got used to wearing them like underwear and at times change them out of necessity.

After a little over a year and even the children constantly remind adults not to forget the masks or to “satanise” or cough in the elbow. They, the children, have become more than a pain in the “gat”, they are the light, that small light that triggers our memories.

Washing hands every now and then has become our second nature and being suspicious and remarking on people who are not wearing their masks has become a “national duty” for many of us: a significant change in our consciousness and social engagement during a time of a pandemic.

These all reminds me of the once strong “come-raid-dairy” that propelled us to political independence.

During the “dark times” we were able to differentiate friend from foe and even knew the “infiltrators” and “traiters” within our society. The action plan was clear: “vang Botha, wys hom sy ma…

However, the action plans from within and those from the PLAN were different.

From within the Namibia the plan has always been to mobilise and “satanise”. Unlike the PLAN from the WAR Zone, which was to identify and “isolate” potential “cases” into dungeons. Unbeknown to us, this “isolations” and “cases” would be masked into total silence way into dependence. The habit-turned-skill of denial would manifest itself through the rank and file every day when they are unmasked.

Anyway and anyhoo…

Long before the WHO requirements to wear masks at all times, the eroded leadership of Namibia politicians wore their imprinted masks. They put the saying, “Wearing different ‘heads’” to the test and for the longest time. Not only did they continue to wear different “heads”, they have adopted that same thinking to “masking” their activities of self enrichment.

With the invention and “innovative” thinking, they even imprint different emotions on the masks to hide their true intentions, especially during political campaigns. In meetings, they wear “empathetic” masks to create fake realities for the many people following them in numbers.

In the meantime, the politicians and their economic “families” duly “self-isolate” to enrich themselves from the national resources under the cover of “masks” and schemes and instructions from “The Boss”. It all sounds familiar and “rots” of a mafia touch, known in these modern days as the “Opo’cartela”.

So much fear has been instilled in the communities that from the outside it looks like unity and faithfulness. Rather, it is pure fear and blackmail masked as “loyalty”.

Unlike the COVID-19 pandemic that has suddenly developed vaccinations and rolled out a worldwide campaign after the trampling of Trump, Namibia has yet to find a remedy for its eroded and corrupt political leadership and scrupulous politicians-turned businessmen.

It is true however that the COVID-19 cases in Namibia at one point increased at a slower rate than the number of Rot cases unmasked over the past 12 months. However, with the vaccination campaign rolled out and the masks lying around in the streets, I can only hope the law and justice system will be able to take control of all these “isolated cases” and find a vaccine against corruption.

It is time that the state machineries are used to excavate the many “unmarked graves” filled with loot and missing dockets to once and for all “necklace” corruption.

– The Author is back after a Covid-19-related-three-week isolation.