Never blame anyone in your life

By Alma Namene Amunyela |

You always get three types of people in your life: good people, bad people, and worse people.

Good people give you happiness. Bad people give you experience; and worse people give you a lesson.

Dear ladies even a lesson is worth having. So don’t go around hating on the worse people you come across in your life.

In life you will find people who will like you without having done anything right, just as those who will dislike you without having done anything wrong. People will totally hate you for nothing and what we need to understand is that life is like that.

And some they will pretend as if they love you, but in reality they don’t love you as such.

So be careful, but don’t blame them for that because your best experience comes from bad situations while your great lessons come from worse circumstances. Life is just like that. Appreciate those who like and care for you because they give you happiness, but acknowledge those who dislike you or hate you, because they give you experience and a lesson.

Worse people will always be unhappy with whatever you have or you did, because they don’t like you and they will always hate you and dislike everything you have. You can achieve something and they will not be happy for it because they are your enemies.

But you don’t have to worry about them, just learn a lesson from them.

Don’t associate with your worse people and when you meet them try to greet them even if they don’t like it just say ‘hi’ to them and go on your way.

Haters will always criticise you, and the reason they hate is because you’re living better than them and they will never achieve or get what you have and their blessings will come upon your life because they hate you for no reason.

Kill them with a smile when you meet them or when you’re with them but don’t share food with them or drinks, but laugh when you meet them and just look forward to the lesson they give you.

So never blame anyone for anything because even the bad people and worse people in your life bring you experience and lessons which you need on your way to constructing a better life for yourself.