Close to 30 people came together at a local hotel last Saturday to be introduced to a novel investment scheme known as Bitcoin.

Although the investment scheme started in 2008, it only started to make financial waves recently in countries such as Namibia. And more and more local people are trying to open their eyes to this new wealth creation mechanism.

Ms Utjinda Tjizoo, a trained sociologist, was the guest speaker and she told her journey to financial freedom through this cryptocurrency which is said to be the future of finance.

Tjizoo started off by displaying on the screen a quote by Wayne Dyer, which says: “The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don’t have knowledge about.”

While starting off by saying she was not a financial advisor, her intention was to share knowledge with others who wished to move out of the hand-to-mouth lifestyle and attain financial freedom simply by investing in cryptocurrency.

In the photo: Utjinda Tjizoo giving some financial advice to would-be millionaires in Oshakati.