The DNA of exploitation

By Victor Angula [No Protocols Observed]

There might not have been anyone who has done a study of the DNA of exploitation inherent in corporate companies, especially those whose roots and origins are embedded in the colonial era.

Possibly there is a need for one to do a scientific research in this. Such a study would be useful to our efforts at creating a new society, a new Namibian society. For the past 31 years a new society has not emerged mostly because such a study has not been done.

The anatomy of inequality in the Namibian society can only be examined by studying the degree to which companies who control the economy are still entrapped in the past.

I am of the view that some of the legal entities and corporate citizens which have had their birth in the fertile period of apartheid have not shed their scales despite the new environment we are living in.

One such corporate citizen is the First National Bank of Namibia. Even while this giant economic institution has a black gentleman as its administrative head, it seems it’s only window dressing. The DNA of the company seems not to have changed since 1989.

There might be many other such corporate citizens whose DNAs are made of exploitation. But I am talking of the one with whom I have had experience.

As a media guy the experience with FNB has been one showing the hallmarks of exploitation by the latter; you can imagine what the experiences of ordinary citizens have been with this institution.

But everything has its time. The writing is on the wall.